Where to Next

 I have completed my MA, the London show has finished. I am thrilled to have achieved a distinction. My studio is as tidy as its been for a long time. 
For the last few weeks since handing in my major project I have been looking back through my sketchbooks for ideas and images that I hadn’t time to pursue

This is a colour study developed from a drawing of Willow tree that came down in a storm several years ago. It is still alive, it bursts into leaf every spring and I see it as a symbol of hope. This is the fourth version. I like to try out colour ideas before I start the making process. I find it contemplative, it helps me visualise the completed work. I don’t usually faithfully follow the paintings but I thought this time I would try to

To some extent I have succeeded but this is just part of the central  section and already I am making changes.

Where to next? I will be having a gallery at the Festival of Quilts in 2018.